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Upper Yakima Basin Project
Your Places. Your Values. Your LANDS!
Developed by
Department of Geography
Central Washington University

Upper Yakima Basin Project

Mapping Instructions

You may map up to 5 locations.

We are interested in learning what outdoor places you like to visit that are special or meaningful to you in the Upper Yakima Basin. These may be places that you visit often, places that you visit on special occasions, or places you value but have not visited.

For this exercise, think about up to 5 places that are important to you in the Upper Yakima Basin.

These places could be very specific sites, such as a waterfall, campground or picnic areas, they could be particular trails or stretches of river, or they could be larger road or trail systems or regions, such as a valley, watershed, or designated use area. These may be places you visit often, or places that you value, but have not been to in person.

Map Tools

Draw shapes around your important places.

The tool on the upper left side of the map allows you to draw shapes representing your places. Using your mouse or finger click the drawing tool to activate it. Now, using your mouse or finger click to draw points around the place that is special or meaningful to you. Click the first point you drew to finish mapping your area. When you finish drawing a shape, a form with questions about your place will appear.

Turn layers on and off using the layer switcher on the upper right side of the map.

Mapping Demo Video